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Kitchen Design Trends: 3-Toned Color Scheme

While everyone has been obsessed with white kitchens for the past few years, we have been seeing more and more colors creeping into this heavily used space, particularly on the cabinets themselves. One of the latest kitchen design trends is the 3-toned color scheme that can be accomplished in several different ways. This kitchen design trend, which has naturally evolved out of homeowners’ love of white kitchens, is the perfect solution to help keep white kitchens from getting too ho-hum. Keep reading to learn helpful design tips from our color consultants on how to make a 3-toned kitchen work.

Keep Vertical Elevations Neutral

For kitchen paint ideas, it is best to opt for a neutral paint color. The most successful three-toned kitchens keep a majority of the vertical elevations neutral, be it with a neutral paint color such as white or natural wood tones. Of course, the wood cabinets are often the more contemporary element in the room, being flat paneled and in a linear-grained species, such as walnut.

Let White Paint Serve as a Blank Slate

If you are a homeowner looking to update your existing cabinetry, white cabinets can remain your go-to — after all, a white kitchen is timeless and will never go out of style. Plus, white cabinets provide you with a blank slate, which means you can easily incorporate a bold color or two into the mix. A few areas in your kitchen where you can add a pop of color include lower cabinets, island cabinetry, range hood, appliances, backsplash and/or stools.

Interior design right now is about making a space uniquely yours, having fun with the design of a three-toned kitchen and keeping surfaces lower-maintenance.

Check out how this kitchen incorporates all three tones into the cabinetry, itself—blue, white and natural wood.

Another great way to incorporate 3 tones is having white perimeter cabinetry with a strong color statement on the island and backsplash.

And yet another inspiring way to showcase 3 tones in the kitchen: All-white cabinetry with a black hood and saddle-colored counter stools.

Embrace Bold Lower Cabinets

Painting your lower kitchen cabinets a bold color is another easy and tasteful way to transform your space into a trendy 3-toned kitchen. To make this cabinet painting trend work, it’s best if the upper cabinet areas (if there are any) remain white and “disappear” into the surrounding walls. This is a common tactic used for 2-toned kitchens as well. By simply adding wood shelving or a tall wood wall unit, your kitchen can be easily transformed into a 3-toned gem.

See below how two-toned cabinets (navy and white) work with these bold yellow stools.

A popular 2020 kitchen trend, bright blue lower cabinets are shown here with white tiled walls and wood shelving.

A fun way to spruce up your kitchen is to paint the island cabinet a fun color, paint the perimeter cabinets white, and install a colorful patterned tile backsplash.

Interior design continually evolves to reflect current lifestyles and has, therefore, become less formal and rigid. Hence, there are no strict rules for the three-toned kitchen. If you love pattern, toss it in! Tiles today come in amazing bold colors and fabulous graphic patterns. Have fun with the color of your island—go bold! Keeping the bulk of the cabinetry neutral and only using a bold color on the island is a smaller commitment and can completely transform the hub of your home.

However, you decide to tackle updating your kitchen space, ensure that you follow your heart and allow a bit of your spirit into the project.  If an all-white kitchen is where your heart lies, stick with it.  And down the road if your tastes change, you can always add a colorful element into the mix with great success.

If you need help achieving this latest kitchen trend, schedule an estimate today. We always include a complementary color consultation! Zoe’s ProEdge Painting is here to help you choose the best colors for your 3-toned kitchen that will fit your aesthetics, lifestyle needs and kitchen design. Call or contact us today!

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Kitchen Design Trends: 3-Toned Color Scheme

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