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Top Home Renovation Projects in 2018

We’ve pulled together a list of the top trending home improvement projects for 2018. Making significant changes to your home doesn’t always have to be a costly endeavor. At Zoe’s ProEdge Painting we understand that no matter the size, our customers want to know if taking the time and money to do a new project is actually worth the effort, and if the work will add value to their home.

The list below was compiled based on input from several real estate experts, Houzz users, and Remodeling magazine’s latest Cost vs. Value Report. The average return on investment (ROI) this year varies widely by project, but there is an overall consensus that it may be better to replace or repair than add and remodel. So go ahead and fix that frayed siding or replace your windows before you add a master suite or overhaul the kitchen.

1. Garage Door Upgrade

It is well understood that curb appeal projects tend to have higher paybacks than inside-the-house projects. The garage door can easily set the visual tone for your entire home. Replacing your old garage door with a new mid-range model will offer a whopping 98% return on money spent.

2. Masonry Veneer Siding 

New siding is another great way to refresh your home’s curb appeal. Choose from dozens of styles of either brick or stone veneer, and have it professionally installed for the best appearance and resale value—ROI of 97%.

3. Deck Addition

Enhanced outdoor living and entertaining spaces rank at the top of many home buyer’s wish list. Well-designed decks recoup nearly 64% of the money you spend on a composite deck. Wood decks, such as cedar or redwood, are even more popular, netting homeowners an 83% ROI.

4. Minor Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is one of the most expensive rooms to fully remodel, but a minor renovation can look almost as good, and comes with an 81% ROI. Minor remodels often involve replacing cabinet doors and drawer fronts, adding new hardware, countertops and replacing the floor. Add in a backsplash and a fresh coat of paint for a dramatic new look. By contrast, a full midrange remodel (complete tear-out and replacement), will net only a 59% return.

5. Siding Replacement

If the exterior siding on your home is looking discolored, damaged or falling apart, this can be a major visual downer for the overall look of your home. Exterior siding is exposed to the elements, so it’s not going to last forever. Not only will new siding freshen up your home’s façade, but you’ll also recoup 77% of your investment. If your siding is still in relatively good condition, consider painting your exterior. Painting will not only extend the life of your siding and trim, but also give you that fresh new look you’ve been craving. 

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Top Home Renovation Projects in 2018

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